SpectraPLUS-SC - Features and Specifications
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  • Sampling Rate: highest rate supported by hardware (192 kHz cards are widely available)
  • Frequency Span: Up to 1/2 of selected sampling rate
  • Sampling Precision: 16 or 24 bit (hardware dependent)
  • Maximum Channels: 2
  • Sound card driver modes supported: Multimedia Extension (MME)
  • Modes: Real-Time
  • Displays: Spectrum
  • Data Views: Popup window of underlying data values.
  • Spectral Overlays: Up to 6 simultaneous overlay traces, unlimited save and retrieve from hard disk
  • Composite overlay: average of any selected overlays or the difference between any two overlays.
  • Video Zoom: Arbitrary Zoom In to any portion of overall frequency span
  • Auto Scaling
  • Cursor Measurements: Absolute, Differential (Ctrl key), Harmonic cursors (Shift key), Sideband cursors (Ctrl + Shift key)
  • Frequency Resolution: Narrowband FFT, 1/1 Octave, 1/3 Octave
  • Smoothing Window: Hanning
  • Averaging: Sound Level Meter mode (Off/Fast/Medium/Slow/Forever)
  • Peak Hold: live peak hold with selectable timeout
  • Amplitude Axis Scaling: Linear or Logarithmic
  • Spectral Weighting: Flat, A, B, C ANSI weighting curves
  • Markers: Up to 8 user defined markers with user customizable labels
  • Amplitude Calibration: V, mV, dBV, dBmV, dBu, SPL or PA (in air or water), psi, or custom units
  • Signal Generator: Pink Noise, White Noise, 1 kHz Tone, Multiple Tones, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Step, Level Sweep
  • Recorder utility: Record, Playback wave files including embedded calibration support
  • Utility Measurements: Peak Frequency, Peak Amplitude, Total Power
  • Color Printing: All displays plus annotation, comments, and margin control
  • Clipboard support: tabular data and bitmap images