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Sonalys Corporation: Japan -
Euphonia Corporation: France -
M3C Systemtechnik: Germany -
Bullerbyran: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal -
MDI Precision Motorworks:

Data Acquisition Hardware
Data Translation USA -
Data Translation UK -
Danville Signal Processing -

Microphones and accessories
iSEMcon -
ACO Pacific -

Accelerometers and related equipment
Dytran Corporation -
PCB Electronics -
Wilcoxon Research -
Digiducer (USB Accelerometer) -

Hydropphones and related equipment
Aquarian Audio Products -
Cetacean Research -
ONDA Corporation -

Sound and Vibration magazine -
Circuit Cellar magazine -
Scantek - transducer calibration service -
Sound and Vibration Community -
Vintage King Audio - restoring a Fairchild 670 Compressor 
The Modal Shop - Accelerometer resources and technical articles