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Features and Specifications

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Key Feature SpectraPLUS-SC SpectraPLUS-DT
Hardware Supported Multimedia Sound Cards Data Translation DT-9800 Industrial A/D modules
Maximum Sampling Rate 200 kHz* 2.0 MHz*
Maximum Channels 2 16
Maximum Sampling Precision 24 bit* 24 bit*
Composite Channels 1 16
Input Gain Variable* Fixed Steps*
Calibrated Inputs Uncalibrated Volts or Millivolts
Calibration to Transducer Use external reference signal Use actual transducer sensitivity or external reference signal
Transducer Power Phantom* IEPE*
Triggering Analog Analog or TTL with User Accept/Reject option
Tachometer channel support No Yes
Order Analysis No Yes
* Hardware dependent    

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