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Technical Articles

Papers and links to real world applications using SpectraPLUS:

Wind Turbine Low Frequency Noise Measurements - interesting paper on the significant level of infrasound noise (below 20 Hz) produced by wind turbines and how to measure it.

Headphone Comparison Tests - comparison of some popular headphone models.

Wood Resonance Testing for Guitar manufacturing - Lutier Brian Burns describes using SpectraPLUS for optimizing the acoustics when building guitars.

RF Radio Wave Propagartion Short Delayed Echo With Frequency Shift

Drum Stick Pairing and Sorting at Vic Firth - the acoustic analysis system shown in the video was recently upgraded to use SpectraPLUS and its automaton interface.

Measurements of high end audio equipment - John Johnson

Quantization, Dithering and Noise Shaping - John Johnson

Order Analysis using SpectraPLUS-DT - How to setup and use the order analysis features of SpectraPLUS-DT.

Impact Hammer Test Example - How to setup the analyzer for Impact Hammer testing